Findings from 2014

Executive Summary

The first summer session of the Modern Blanket Toss met at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in June and July of 2014. The student evaluation data show positive progress towards the projects objectives.

Student pre/post surveys asked students to self-assess their skills and attitudes in several areas. The results showed statistically significant gains in the following areas:

  •  Content knowledge
  •  Leadership and communication skills
  •  Attitude towards science
  •  STEM career interest
  •  Engagement in science topics.

Weekly student surveys showed that over the course of the summer program, students

  •  remained satisfied with the program throughout
  •  increased interest in STEM careers
  •  decreased their perception that the content of the course was challenging
  •  increased leadership and communication skills
  •  increased in ability to work as a team.

Student interviews demonstrated that the students

  •  were enthusiastic about the program
  •  were confident in what they learned about UAVs
  •  learned applicable leadership skills
  •  made positive personal connections
  •  were inspired to share their knowledge and skills with their communities.

To read the full findings from 2014, please click this link.