One of the core (and most fun) activities of the UAV curriculum is building the UAV's (otherwise known as "copters") and then learning how to fly them. 

Students will gain experience with the specific type of quad-rotor UAV that will be purchased through this program, and will also take part in learning activities with other types of UAV’s, from balloons to fixed-wing aircraft. Students will learn how to assemble, configure, calibrate and safely fly their UAV’s, and will also receive instruction on flight modes, navigational tuning, mission planning and analysis, recording and playing back missions, and geotagging images. All students in the program will learn all techniques necessary to pilot UAV’s and will have multiple opportunities to do so, both during the summer sessions and the academic year.

levels have been developed for the building and flying areas of instruction to ensure a complete, accurate, and safe education surrounding the UAVs is delivered.