UB Summer Sessions and the Academic School year

In 2014-2016, a total of 60 students (20 per year) from the four Modern Blanket Toss schools, as well as the coordinators from each site, will take part in UAV and science communication/leadership training as part of their six-week summer Upward Bound experience on the UAF campus. Each school cohort will consist of 15 students each year, of which approximately five will attend the summer sessions each year; it is thus anticipated that all 60 students will have an opportunity to attend a summer Upward Bound session over the three years of the project. One student at each site will be designated a Student Leader, responsible for helping conduct the program in a position analogous to a teaching assistant.

Following summer instruction, students return to their communities for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 academic years and conduct learning activities and experiments with UAVs and GIS software under the guidance of both local Upward Bound coordinators and statewide coordinators in Fairbanks. Activities will include mapping, simulated search-and-rescues, aerial photography, weather studies, and other exercises that take advantage of the vehicles’ capabilities and increase STEM awareness. 

Students will then use their new UAV and leadership skills to work with community members in identifying a project that uses UAVs to address a local challenge.