Why UAVs?

UAVs are an ideal means with which to interest students in STEM, as they constitute an appealing and hands-on research tool which can be directly applied to productive, science-based problem-solving within the students’ home communities. They also require students to understand basics of physics, meteorology and other fields, which will be taught both by Upward Bound instructors and through experts at UAF, an international leader in frontier UAV research. The project takes its name from an ancient Inuit practice in which members of a tribe flung a person aloft by pulling together on a large blanket, enabling the individual to scan the horizon for distant game. By combining UAV technology with exemplary practices in STEM education that involve students in critical thinking, interactive learning, and meaningful, real-world challenges, the Modern Blanket Toss will serve a similar purpose - literally giving students a bird’s-eye view of their communities, and figuratively expanding their horizons by exciting them about continuing education and about STEM careers.